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Mathias Back

Well, that's me. I live in the south of Dalarna, Sweden, with my wife and our two lovely boys.

I work as a IT-consultant and been working with computers and related when I turned 20 but the interest been far longer. I feel really proud of being part of the company I work for and is by far the best employer I known. I really like going around to the companies that I have assignments to and the others I do errands to.

My main interest, that also defines me quite much as a person, is music. I love to listen and create music. Metal is what I mostly listen to and make when I'm creating music, but I listen to quite much other stuff as well.

Other stuff I really enjoy is nature, traveling, especially if it involves visiting historical or some other way interesting places, movies & TV-series and history.

Almost forgot! I also like beer and a whisky now and then. And skulls.